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Ancient philosophers: Aristotle[edit] Over 2,300 years ago, interpersonal relationships were being contemplated by Aristotle. [1] Though the field of relationship science is still relatively young, research conducted by researchers from many different disciplines continues to broaden the field. Empirical research[edit] [15] A study conducted by Monroe, [16] examined the traits and habits of children in selecting a friend. 1960s and 1970s[edit] An important shift was taking place in the field of social psychology that influenced the research of intimate relationships. Another current area of research into intimate relationships is conducted by Terri Orbuch and Joseph Veroff (2002). Physical intimacy occurs in the latter but it is governed by a higher-order strategy, of which the other person may not be aware.

These couples often provide the emotional security that is necessary for them to accomplish other tasks, particularly forms of labor or work. If they can do this in an open and comfortable way, they can become quite intimate in an intellectual area. A typical display of intimacy between an American couple. Physical intimacy is sensual proximity or touching, Emotional intimacy, particularly in sexual relationships, typically develops after a certain level of trust has been reached and personal bonds have been established. Intimacy requires an ability to be both separate and together participants in an intimate relationship. [1] Simmel suggested that dyads require consent and engagement of both partners to maintain the relationship but noted that the relationship can be ended by the initiation of only one partner intemate dating.

In 1891, William James wrote that a person s self-concept is defined by the relationships endured with others. [15] In March 1984, the first journal of Social and Personal Relationships was published. The philosophical analysis used by Aristotle dominated the analysis of intimate relationships until the late 1880s.
. In anthropological research, intimacy is considered the product of a successful seduction, a process of rapport building that enables parties to confidently disclose previously hidden thoughts and feelings. They monitor newlywed couples using self-reports over a long period (a longitudinal study). [2] This was an influential discovery of intimate relationships in that Durkheim argued that being socially isolated was a key antecedent of suicide.


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