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Ron with siblings Fred and George, and Ginny practising with the D. When Harry led them into the Department of Mysteries, Ron stuck with him into the deepest recesses of the Department. Emmeline Vance was killed by Death Eaters in 1996, and Podmore was imprisoned because he attempted to get into the Department of Mysteries, under the Imperius Curse, the news of which shocked and horrified Ron. However, when after the match Harry revealed it was a trick, Ron rounded on Hermione and accused her of having no faith in his abilities. Ron reassured Hermione by nuzzling her back slightly upon landing as she had been quite worried about him and he was saddened at the death of Mad-Eye Moody. Following the death of Cedric Diggory and the end of the Tournament, Fleur kissed Ron and Harry and said goodbye to them before she left. Harry was eventually able to get them both dates with twins Parvati and Padma Patil. The first DADA class with Umbridge as the professor Along with several other students, Ron was angry when Professor Umbridge refused to teach the class practical defensive magic.

They narrowly escaped, Hermione engineering it in a way that preserved Ron s alibi of being sick at home. This convinced Ron that he had an edge in the game, which caused him to play excellently.  homework, and his prefect duties took up most of Ron s time as the holidays approached. Contents[show] [7] While he was still a toddler, the war ended for a time after Lord Voldemort s first defeat at the hands of Ron s classmate-to-be Harry Potter on 31 October, 1981. [36] Two years after he started at the Auror Office, he left to help his brother George at Weasleys Wizard Wheezes in Diagon Alley. [34] Afterwards, the two grew much closer, though were only sort of together, according to Harry. Ron was devastated by Sirius s death, but Hermione made sure that Sirius s death was not discussed around Harry. Ron: But, it can t hurt if someone throws something at you.

He remained in the hospital the following week and was not able to play Keeper on Saturday 8 March for the Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff Quidditch match. Ron encouraged Neville to be more confident and to stand up for himself, and the two became close friends. ; that he was more shocked and disgusted than Harry and Hermione at discovering that Hagrid was half giant; and when he got into an argument with Griphook over wizards not giving goblins wands.
. He was also envious when Harry and Hermione were invited to the Slug Club, while the new Potions professor Horace Slughorn ignored him, and when attention was paid to him, Slughorn usually got his name wrong. [44] During his time searching for Voldemort s Horcruxes with Harry and Hermione, Ron matured greatly, and even took to leading the trio when Harry temporarily fell into a depressive mood. In retaliation, Ginny belittled him for his complete inexperience with the opposite gender, declaring that Harry and Hermione had also snogged people. This only made Harry throw one of Draco Malfoy s badges at him and tell him he could wear that during the First Task. However, his feelings changed markedly when Krum began seeing Hermione Granger and the two attended the Yule Ball together in 1994.


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