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And with this intercourse grows the hope of regeneration for their own nations by contact with the West oriental dating. The process began when the great Church of Russia was declared autocephalous by the Czar Feodor Ivanovitch, in 1589. No length of use can prescribe a change of Rite. They represent exactly the state of the Eastern Churches before the schisms. Syrians The Catholic Syrian Church dates from 1781. They accept the whole CatholicFaith and the authority of the pope as visible head of the CatholicChurch, as did St. The question of nature and person in Christ, the Filioque in the Creed, azyme bread, and so on do not really stir the heart of the Eastern Christian oriental dating. Eastern Church, 326); the ludicrous scandal at Monastir, in Macedonia, when they fought over a dead man s body and set the whole town ablaze because some wanted him to be buried in Greek and some in Rumanian (op. Alexandrian Catholics The Alexandrian Catholics (Catholic Copts) have had a vicar Apostolic since 1781. The Copts are mostly fellaheen who live by tilling the ground, in a state of great poverty and ignorance. They had in Monophysite times two patriarchates (Antioch and Jerusalem) instead of one. Gregory XIII (1572-85) founded at Rome colleges for Greeks, Maronites, Armenians.

So Abyssinia is still Monophysite, and acknowledges the Coptic patriarch as her head. The conversion of these people might well be left to their neighbours, the Catholics of the Eastern Empire. From Ctesiphon the Faith had spread across the frontier into Persia, even before that city was conquered by the Persian king (244). , Prolegomena zu einer neuen Ausgabe der nestorianischen Inschrift von Singan Fu , in the Verhandlungen des VII. All the other separated Eastern Churches are formed by the other great heresy of the fourth century, Monophysitism. Czernovitz (1873), for the Orthodox in Austria, with four sees. It does not seem, however, that there is now much communication between Cairo and Adeva, though the patriarch still has the right of deposing the Abuna. Gabriel Labib, who is editing their service books, promises to be a scholar of some distinction in questions of liturgy and archeology. But it is not convenient to start from this basis in cataloguing Eastern Churches. The Byzantine Catholics are those who correspond to the Orthodox. Eastern-Rite Catholics are Catholics who do not belong to the Roman patriarchate. The first is the Patriarch of Etchmiadzin, who bears as a special title that of catholicos.

The same causes that made EgyptMonophysite affected Abyssinia equally. Each by a number of Acts carried on the tradition of conciliation towards the schismatical Churches and of protection of CatholicEastern Rites. Most of their canon law depends on the Bull of Pius IX, Reversurus (12 July, 1867), published for the Armenians and extended to the Chaldees by another Bull, Cum ecclesiastica (31 Aug.
. So Maronites have their place only among the Eastern Catholics. It is no more necessary to belong to his patriarchate in order to acknowledge his supreme jurisdiction that it is necessary to have him for diocesanbishop. In the Bull Etsi pastoralis (1742) the same pope orders that there shall be no precedence because of Rite. They do, of course; and they always have done so legally. But the Rajah of Travancore took the side of the national Church and forced Athanasius to leave the county. Outside the Turkish Empire, in Russia and the Balkan States, the Orthodox Churches are shamelessly Erastian — by far the most Erastian of all Christian bodies. So, presumably, for them, too, the CatholicChurch is only their own body. Eastern Rite Catholics are trueCatholics, and have as much right to be so treated as Latins. If all fall away, the Eastern half of the Church disappears for a time as an actual fact; it remains as a theory and an ideal to be realized again as soon as they, or some of them, come back to union with Rome.

The Nestorian who looks at a map of the world can hardly go on believing that his sect is the only and whole Church of Christ. .

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