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[61] When the cast arrived for shooting in Vietnam and other countries, they were greeted by thousands of fans at the airport. The MCs and guests were locked inside a landmark and were required to earn Running Balls for a chance to escape punishment. In ep 369, the final penalty was given to Lee Kwang-soo and another member where they will visit Crocosaurus Cove s Cage of Death in Darwin, Australia. In ep 378–379, Haha and Yang Se-Chan visited Nevis Highwire Platform for the Nevis Swing penalty in Queenstown, New Zealand seven and park han byul dating. [60] Celebrity guests like Super Junior, Girls Generation and f(x) play an important part in the success as well, although they sometimes induce criticism. In ep 366, Jeon So-min was chosen to visit Bora Bora, French Polynesia for a delight mission. In ep 372, Lee Kwang-soo chose Yoo Jae-suk as his partner to visit Crocosaurus Cove s Cage of Death. 44–47 May 22, 2011– June 12, 2011 From episodes 44 to 47, staff (of the landmark location involved in the game) voted for who they believed would be the overall winner of the games and became supporters of that member/team. Production staff[edit] The staff run the games, often showing up on cameras either by actively participating in the game or influencing the outcome of various missions. 11–25 As of the eleventh episode, the Running Man members and guests were no longer split into two main teams except for during the race mission, with smaller teams or individual game-play being used during the other missions. In ep 351, The venue for the dangerous mission was chosen, which was Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear in Fuji-Q Highland, Japan.

The format of missions was also changed: Mission 1 was Mission 2 was Mission 3 was the race mission, Bells Hide and Seek. Mission 2 featured games related to the landmark. Mission 3 was Leisure Time for a Cup of Tea. FD Go Dong-wan assists in the recordings of the program and is known to be shown on camera many times, as well as delivering and assisting the members in missions. The money collected by the teams was donated in the winning team s honor seven and park han byul dating. This series features Yoo Jae-suk against the other Running Man members, who do not know Yoo Jae-suk s identity or mission. The losing team was required to commute home using public transportation while undertaking an embarrassing punishment. The format of the show moves away from the race mission + others , to one continuous race + missions July 11, 2010 The MCs and guests were locked in a landmark during closed hours and were required to leave before opening hours. These guests were notable for their constant appearances and were often considered to be the 8th/9th/10th Running Man. Global Race[edit] This is a Running Man project to commemorate the new members and production staff shift. Subsequently, PD Lee Hwan-jin has taken over as the main PD of Running Man until March 2017.

The format for the missions are as follows: Mission 1 was the Name Tag Elimination Mission 2 onwards would follow the usual format of the show: one long race with continuous missions during the race. In ep 369–371, Jeon So-min and Lee Kwang-soo visited Timang Beach for the cable cart ride penalty in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Ironically, they were often in the same team and have won in many occasions.
. As of the eighteenth episode, only those who had earned no Running Balls at all throughout the night were the ones to be punished. Ji Suk-jin was forced to take the penalty as well, due to a chance card they chose. For example, after the airing of the Big Bang episodes, some viewers complained that the band won too easily. Through a series of missions, the Running Man members were divided into teams and/or individually earned Running Balls. The seventh and final week was Lee Kwang-soo s week and he planned a night trip with other members to prove their loyalty and bond of friendship. The decision came after seeing their chemistry with the other members and their performances during their time as guests. She officially joined the program in the fourth landmark (episode 6) but was unable to attend until the fifth landmark (episode 7). In ep 353–354, Yoo Jae-suk, Haha, Ji Suk-jin, Lee Kwang-soo, Jeon So-min and Yang Se-chan visited Fuji-Q Highland for the scary labyrinth penalty in Japan.

[24]Lizzy was initially a guest for episode 13 and episode 14, but later officially joined the program, starting episode 18. .

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