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The Virtual Sex Mall - Over 15,000 adult toys, sexual aids, videos and DVD s sextracker com. With more than 10 channels in this chat configuration, you ll always have room for the surfer looking for a new friend. The purpose of this section is to let you know which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) your surfers use. Opens the preferences display to add, remove, or edit counter information. For referrers we count all visits to your page.   Welcome to The SexTracker Banner Exchange (STX). This will give you a good idea of what percentage of the people that visit your site have turned off JavaScript. Well, first find out how many of your surfers have the plug-in. Operating System Some people may look at this type of information as trivial, but if you look hard enough you will see that there is a great deal to be learned from it. Every day the SexTracker Exchange chooses lucky webmasters like yourself who win FREE BANNER IMPRESSIONS. This way you can see how many AOL users you have, so you will know whether or not you should modify your site to be AOL-friendly. The visitor stats will display all of your referrers, and information about your visitors. We can tell you how many of your surfers are in the US, how many are in Canada, Mexico, France, England, you name it. com Port 80    Countable Data Brief Sextracker. You ll attract a very large community of followers to your site.

If you re concerned about quantity or quality or just want to keep track of your sessions, or just for fun, use SexTracker. Hostnames This will show you the complete list of host names of your surfers. Ever dreamed of adding live chat to your adult site, but couldn t afford the outrageous license fees, the dedicated server, or found the software offerings lacking in quality. Color Depth What color resolution do your visitors monitors support. What is the information included in Visitor statistics. These stats will give you a very good idea as to whether or not you should use Java in your site. When you put the SexTracker Chat Network Java Client on your site, your site gets its own channel, as well as access to hundreds more. GENERAL CHAT: All styles and sorts of surfers and/or webmasters will be attracted to this clean and efficient chat. Keep your records privately and protected. Take a look at the types of operating systems that people are using, and keep that in mind when you design your site sextracker com. GAY CHAT: Attract your gay surfers to this steamy romp room; they ll come back again and again. Thus, we can no longer allow them to do that, and this service has had to be discontinued. Quality Index The Quality Index tells you how many times each of your visitors has visited your site before. However, the visitor information includes stats on your visitors JavaScript, so you can get an idea of how accurate your visitor stats are. net - Likewise, if somebody from AOL visits, they will be from aol.

Email Referrers Please note that the SexTracker does NOT condone spamming, but sometimes it is necessary to send out e-mails, perhaps to your webmaster friends, etc. STX QUICK 24 HOUR STATS ACTIVITY:Last modified: Sat Dec 16 11:00:06 2017          Freaky Nasty - Hardcore deep-dicking, Orgies and double penetrations, BlowJobs, Cumshots and much more. 100% FREE LIVE CHAT FOR YOUR ADULT WEBSITE.
. While the Uniques/Reloads/etc can give you a pretty good idea, this is more detailed information. Surfing Times From looking at your Daily statistics you can see that most adult sites have a wide range of traffic throughout the day. How come I can t find a link to my site on some of these referrer URLs. Opens the help file you are now viewing. Email Referrers will tell you how many people are visiting your site by clicking on a link from a message in their email. These are URLs that your visitors browsers report as having links to your site. Newsgroups Ever make newsgroup posts proclaiming the excellence of your site. If you can t find your link on a site, see if they are using a banner exchange you participate in. This is a more mature chat channel, with topics from automobiles to sports, you ll please your more sophisticated users with this chat channel. If they only support 16-bit color but all of your site is done in 24-bit color, you may want to redo some graphics. Watch in a graphic manner the increases or decreases. .

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